The landscape panorama of Vesalius’ “Muscle Men” (2)

Six-series landscape panorama of Vesalius' muscle men plates - posterior view. Paintings attributed to Jan Stephan Van Calcar

UPDATED: If you came to this article directly, you should probably start reading the first one here: "The landscape panorama of Vesalius' muscle men (1)", then come back.

I had always looked at these panorama images as only one, the one that is formed by the anterior views (and one lateral view) of the muscle men plates which I shared with you in the first article. The image in the first article is what Harvey Cushing (1943) called the "eight-series". It was not until my friend Pascale Pollier sent me an interesting BBC article that I looked at the panorama formed by the posterior view images of the muscle men, called by Cushing the "six-series". After some work with original images that I own,  I made the image shown here. If anything this panorama is even better!To see Cushing's original template click here.

In the enlarged version that appears when you click on the image on this article you can see how some houses' roofing and arches are shared between plates. Towards the right side of this panorama you can clearly see a meandering stream that passes through several plates. Another incredible fact of this masterpiece by Jan Stephan Van Calcar (the artist) and Andrea Vesalius (the anatomist).

The image shown here was done using original images from Vesalius’ Fabrica and composed using Adobe Fireworks CS5. Click on the image for a larger depiction. The larger image is 1800px wide.

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