Aviation Resources

I thought about preparing a number of aviation links, but any search engine will guide you to them. I have listed here the ones that I like the most.  The main resource, I think is the AOPA Web site. This is the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association, of which I am a member. If you are a student, or even considering taking flying lessons, I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of the free six-month free membership, and then to become a member. The AOPA does much more than help student pilots. Go to their Web Site and read.

 AOPA AOPA Training Site for student pilots

My favorite aviation author and instructor is Rod Machado. I have dedicated a separate page to his books and resources.

Another resource is the DVD set "Private Pilot Knowledge Test Course" by KING School, as well as the material published by King's Schools. 

King's Schools

I also recommed Sporty's Pilot Shop. Sporty's is probably the largest aviation store ever!. I visited their store at Clermont County Airport in Ohio to buy my headset and was amazed at the size of the warehouse. They use Segways to go get your order! They are great at delivery if you buy online

The Banyan Pilot Shop Aviation Superstore is a 5,000+ square foot store located in hangar 63 at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE). It is indeed  one of the largest aviation stores in the country! I really like their website. Check out their clearance section... and they do ship international orders!

Banyan Pilot Shop Aviation Superstore