Gabrielle Fallopius

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Gabrielle Fallopius (1523 - 1563) was born close to Modena, Italy. He received his medical degree in 1548 from the University of Ferrara when he was only 25 years old. A professor of human anatomy and surgery at the University of Padua, he was (as Vesalius) critical of the anatomy of Galen. He is known for his accurate description of the uterine tubes, salpinx, or oviducts, which carry his eponym, as the "Fallopian tubes".

His anatomical studies were focused on the anatomy on the head, where he added much to the knowledge of the internal ear and the ethmoid bone.

Less known is the accurate description he made of the inguinal ligament, later named after Francois Poupart. He published only one book during his lifetime, the "Observationes Anatomicae" in 1561. His collected works were published after his death.

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 Gabrielle Fallopius