The scaphoid is one of the proximal carpal bones that form the wrist. The name arises from the Greek [scaphe], meaning "boat"; and [-oid], meaning "similar to". The scaphoid bone roughly resembles a rowboat. It is also known as the navicular bone (from the Latin [navis] meaning "boat"), and os naviculare manus.

Proximally, the scaphoid bone articulates with the radius. Distally, the scaphoid articulates with the trapezium and trapezoid bones. On its medial  aspect, the scaphoid bone has two articular surfaces for the lunate and the hamate bones. The scaphoid bone also has very strong ligamentous connections with the lunate bone by way of the scapholunate interosseous ligament

The accompanying image shows the anterior (volar) surface of the wrist. Click on the image for a larger picture.

Image modified from the original: "3D Human Anatomy: Regional Edition DVD-ROM." Courtesy of Primal Pictures

Scaphoid bone - anterior (volar) view of the wrist