The clavicle is part of the anterior portion of the shoulder girdle. It is an elongated bone with an "italic S" curvature. The Latin term for clavicle is [clavicula], and it has two root terms: [-clavic-] and [-clav-]. This is why we have the terms [subclavicular], and [subclavian] both meaning the same: "inferior to the clavicle".

The clavicle articulates medially with the manubrium of the sternum (see image on this article) by way of the sternoclavicular joint. This joint contains a meniscus. Laterally, the clavicle articulates with the acromial process or acromium of the scapula.

The clavicle has the muscular insertions of several muscles: sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, pectoralis major, deltoid, subclavius, and sternohyoid.

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Left clavicle, superior surfaceLeft clavicle, superior surfaceLeft clavicle, inferior surfaceLeft clavicle, inferior surface