This prefix is derived from the Greek and means "slow". Most everybody knows about [bradycardia] meaning "slow heart", but there is a large number of applications of this prefix as follows:

• Bradytrophia: from the Greek [trophe] meaning "to feed" or "nutrition". Braditrophia is a slow nutritional process
• Bradypnea: from the Greek [pnoia], meaning "breath" or "air". Bradypnea is an abnormally slow breathing rhythm
• Bradylalia: from the Greel [lalein] meaning "to talk". Bradylalia is a slow articulation or formation of words, sometimes also known as [bradyarthria] or [bradyphasia]. See the article on aphasia and dysphasia here
Bradykinesia: from the Greek [kinesis], meaning "movement". Bradykinesia means "slow movement", also known as [bradypragia]
• Bradycrotic: from the Greek [krotos], meaning "pulse" "or pulsation" A bradycrotic agent slows down the patient's pulse or heart rate.
Bradytocia: from the Greek [tokos], meaning "birth". Bradytocia is a slow birthing process