The root term [-salping-] arises from the Greek [σάλπιγγα] or [salpinx],  meaning "trumpet" or "bugle".  Because of their trumpet shape, there are two anatomical structures where this term applies, one is the uterine or Fallopian tube, and the other is the auditory or Eustachian tube.

This root term is used in medical terms such as:

Salpingitis: An inflammation or infection of the Fallopian (uterine) tube

Salpingectomy: Removal of one or both Fallopian tubes

Salpingopharyngeus: A muscle that extends between the Eustachian (auditory) tube and the pharynx

View of the adnexa
Salpingooophorectomy: This combined root term adds the root [-oophor-] meaning ovary. The suffix [-ectomy] means "removal". The removal of the uterine tubes and the ovaries. This operation can be unilateral or bilateral.

Because of the rules of combination for root terms, the commonly used hyphenated [salpingo-oophorectomy] form of this word is not correct and should not be used.

Image modified from the original from Testut and Latajet, 1931