Andreas Vesalius is finally in my office!!!

minivesalius2 lg

Today I received the bust of Andreas Vesalius which will be displayed in my office in a place of honor.

This bust is a small version of a bronze bust made by the Belgian artist Pascale Pollier, who is a contributor to "Medical Terminology Daily". Copies of this original bronze bust can be found is different libraries and museums around the world. Pascale, along with Theo Dirix, Dr. Sylviane Déderix, and others are on a quest to find the cemetery where Andreas Vesalius was buried in the island of Zakynthos in Greece. Eventually, the final quest is to find the body of this illustrius anatomists.

To fund this private research Pascale and other artists have donated their work to a GoFundMe page whose objective is to raise €9,900, roughly US$10,800. You can reach the GoFundMe page here.

This bust that sits in my office today is the sixth in a run of twelve copies. If you go to the GoFundMe page you can opt to aquire other artistic works or one of the last copies of this bust. To acquire the bust there is a minumum required donation of US$350.

As of this publication, the research is 51% funded. We need your help to achieve our goal!!

Vesalius bust by Pascale Pollier, number 6 of 12
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