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Prof. Claudio R. Molina, Msc.

Prof. Maria F. Cortés, DDS, MSc

Prof. Claudio Rodrigo Molina Osorio, MsC. iss a Physical Therapist, has a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences, and is a Professor in the Human Anatomy Department of the Medical School at the Finis Terrae University in Santiago, Chile.

He is also a Postgraduate teacher for students of the “Anatomical Bases of Normal Imaging” diploma program at the Medical school of the same university.

Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc is proud to have Dr. Cortés as a contributor to "Medical Terminology Daily" and as a consultant to our team.

Contact information

Claudio Rodrigo Molina Osorio
Finis Terrae University
1509 Pedro de Valdivia Avenue
7501015 RM Providencia
Santiago, CHILE

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